14:00 Keynote

Experiences with Continuous Deployment and Software Security in Google, Netflix, Facebook and others
Professor Laurie Williams, NCSU

Submitted papers

14:45 Research challenges in empowering agile teams with security knowledge based on public and private information sources Michael Felderer
15:00 Comparing Capability of Static Analysis Tools to Detect Security Weaknesses in Mobile Applications Marcos Chaim
15:15 Cybersecurity in the Maritime Industrial Revolution Jostein Jensen
15:30 break
16:00 Teaching Secure Software Development Through an Online Course Laurie Williams
16:20 Managing Security Work in Scrum: Tensions and Challenges Andreas Poller
16:40 Integrating static application security testing in the CI pipeline Per Kronström
16:55 Dynamic Security Assurance in Multi-Cloud DevOps Erkuden Rios
17:15 SECBENCH: A Database of Real Security Vulnerabilities Sofia Reis
17:30 End