Software security is about protecting information and ensuring that systems continue to function correctly even when under malicious attack. The traditional approach of securing a system has been to create defensive walls such as intrusion detection systems and firewalls around it, but there are always cracks in these walls, and thus such measures are no longer sufficient by themselves. We need to be able to build better, more robust and more “inherently secure” systems, and we should strive to achieve these qualities in all software systems, not just in the ones that “obviously” need special protection.

This workshop will focus on techniques, experiences and lessons learned for engineering secure and dependable software using the DevOps paradigm, as well as other forms of agile development.


  • It's a wrap! SecSE 2019 is history - and everyone agreed that it was a most attractive workshop! If you couldn't make it this year, we have a small consolation prize: Most of the presentation slides can be downloaded from the program page. Hope to see even more great submissions next year!